Vanguard Jewelry offers exceptional quality jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. From our brilliantly crafted custom jewelry pieces, Vanguard Jewelry is here to give you the best we can give. We also offer great jewelry repair-by-mail services as well, restoring your most treasured pieces to their former glory and grace.

Quality Military Rings

These are NOT class rings. These are high-quality, durable rings that truly match the expectations of heros. See More

Custom Jewelry

Custom designed jewelry that’s as exquisite as it is personal, and can be designed for many price ranges & styles. See More

Jewelry Repair

If you have jewelry that’s worn, broken, or otherwise degraded, Vanguard Jewelry can help you restore it right. See More

Custom Jewelry Design

Our custom jewelry designs offer you an amazing opportunity to craft the perfect ring of your choice. With dozens of different styles and gemstones to choose from, we’re sure we can satisfy even the most specific of client needs.

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