Jewelry Repair By Mail

Vanguard Jewelry’s “Repair By Mail” service pack makes our online jewelry & watch repair service unique in that it offers jewelry repairs & watch repairs by mail to anywhere in the United States. Simply order your service pack and we will send it right to your home with a return shipping label attached. Just drop it in the mail box and it will go directly to our shop. It’s fast, easy, insured with FREE estimates and you will never have to leave home.

We offer all types of jewelry repairs in gold, platinum and silver as well as watch repair. Also, professional and accurate jewelry appraisals by a graduate gemologist, fully customizable military rings and custom made jewelry. Order you shipping package today.

Repair Services Include:
– Ring Sizing
– Prong Re-tipping
– Chain Repair
– Stone Settings
– Arthritic Shanks
– Pearl Restringing
– Watch Repair
– Insurance appraisals
– And many others

We provide a wide variety of jewelry & watch repairs and appraisal services and we are the only full service e-commerce jewelry repair center on the web. We also offer shipping to and from our shop. Every thing comes to you in the comfort of your home.

Tell Us About Your Repair

At Vanguard Jewelry we want to provide you with our highest quality service and a hassle free experience every time. The best way for us to do this is to make certain that the repairs you want on your jewelry item(s) are the repairs you need.

Once your jewelry has arrived in our secure shop, our trained professionals will carefully look over each item to make certain that your repair requests match the repairs needed. Providing us with this information about your item(s) will help to expedite your repairs without any mishaps.

We realize that we're working on something that is very special to you, perhaps its been in your family for generations. This time tested process helps us to improve our communications and insures your repairs will be done correctly, in a timely manner and looking like new.

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