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It’s a bit of an adventure to make up a piece of jewelry from scratch and it’s something we enjoy doing. But if we’re to make jewelry that really fits you than we need to know a little bit more about you and how we can make something special and unique, something that is so comfortable to wear that you’ll forget your wearing it but everyone else will take notice.

Making a custom piece of jewelry is a process. It starts by getting to know a little about the person wearing it, coming up with sketches and making modifications if desired, producing CAD, (Computer Aided Design) images of the item being made, casting & finishing the item and setting the stones. When your involved every step of the way it insures that your going to get just what you wanted, not what someone else thinks you want.

Below you’ll find a list of questions that will help us to get started and give us an idea about what you want. If your not comfortable with answering these questions than just email us and we can set up a phone interview and get started that way. So here we go!

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Do you have any sketches, photos or other images that you can send us? If so, attach the images here or send us a link to it. (File Max Size 1MB. Accepted formats: GIF,JPG,JPEG,PNG)

Do you have any metal (gold, silver or platinum) that you would like to use or apply to this project?

Do you have any gemstones or family heirlooms you would like incorporated into this design? If so, what are the types, sizes and shapes of the gemstones?

Do you know the finger size for the finger you would wear a ring on? If so, what would it be?

How would you describe your fingers? Long, Medium, Short?

How would you describe how you wear your jewelry?

How often will you wear this item?

How would you describe your Fashion Sense? Modern, Traditional, Contemporary or Vintage? You can choose more than one.
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What is your favorite color?

Is this item for a special occasion? If so, what is it?

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