Belleville Yacht Club Ring, VG#0001ar


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The Belleville Yacht Club ring was designed by members for members and is a unique ring. With a choice of metals and enamel colors that allows you to customize these solid and durable rings just for you. This is a great way to show your pride in an awesome club with great people.

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Additional Information

Attribute Information

10 Kt. W/G+$1,275.00, 10 Kt. Y/G+$1,275.00, Alluragold+$275.00, Argentium Silver+$325.00

Enamel Color*

Red, Blue, Green, Black, White

Ring Size

Size 10, Size 10.5, Size 11, Size 11.5, Size 12, Size 12.5, Size 13, Size 13.5, Size 14, Size 14.5, Size 15, Size 9, Size 9.5